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Video Installation
3 channel video, 5’ 00’’ each, 3 LCD Tv in a Wooden Box
The Nightwatch focuses on the relationship between the individual and its urban surrounding. As parallel edited video-piece in three channels, it shows streets, gateways passages and windows in Istanbul and Vienna during the night. The streets are filled with anonymous people who are unaware that they get filmed, so that, a slightly voyeuristic character prevails in this video. For Kızıltunç, “although they remain anonymous, equal under the lens of the camera, a sense of individual lives and diversity emerges. The camera distils the flow of everyday life, the movement of people in the city, and reflects on daily reality from an entirely anthropocentric perspective. The spaces become stage-like backdrops in Nightwatch, [...], and we suddenly become aware of ourselves.“ (V.K.)
On three screens, the artist lets uncountable shots of the cities clash, and creates a visual rhythm, where a dialectic of emptiness and fullness, loneliness and crowdedness occur.
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