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[In] The Threshold

Kamil Fırat


To appear in the world of objects is to accept being in the helix of time voluntarily.

Every object in the helix organize a [resist]ance against time.From now on the presence is the resistance. This situation which’s end is obvious but its duration is unknown is, a kind of waiting consistently [in] the threshold.In the situation of being [in] the threshold is the desire of every object to break off its existence as an ‘’image’’, from the world of appeareances which belongs.


The body which is helixed in time, transforms its resistence as ‘’the situation of being’’ of the moment to a representation in every impact of time. The photographs of ‘’[In] The Threshold’’ is against the impacts, that appears as the representation of ‘’ situation of being’’ as an image.


The dissociation of these photographs between the similar is not only a self-colleterality of the relationship in between every element that generates a photograph, but it is the relationship from ‘’belonging to each other’’. Yes, all shapes and formsseen like there, build that state of belonging. That’s why nothing otherizates the other. Every element, transforms to the other object of existence.


The Threshold, in these photographs is more than ‘’place’’ in between, but based on emptiness and ‘’being in the middle’’ is asking the question of, is it space?


Inside its serenity, it transforms us to a question relating from its existence to our existence concerning time. As being [in] the threshold, producing questions concerning existence.


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