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27375 DAYS
Video Installation
2 channel video, in loop, with sound
27375 Days creates another dialectic reference to the flux of life. In this two channel video, Volkan Kızıltunç shows on one screen waves and on the other one a slow burning fire. In this piece, no human figure is present. The spectator only sees the endless hitting of waves on the beach and the dancing of flames. The work’s title refers to the average life expectancy in Turkey of 75 years, which makes 27375 days. The monotone rhythm of the video work is like a visual equivalent to the pendulum of life, which permanently counts the days that pass in our existence. The moment we were born, we start dying, as the clock on our lifeline unstoppable counts backwards until it reaches its final number. The dialectic character of the diptych can be understood as reference to the bipolarity of our life, where everything exists in an interdependent relationship with its opposite counterpart.
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